Instructions for Proper Usage of the Transit-Pellets

Transit-Pellets markers tests are prescribed by physician for use by patients in the home setting. For six consecutive days, the patient swallows Transit-Pellets markers contained in seven HPMC (hydropropyl methylcellulose) capsules followed by an abdominal radiograph on day seven.

To ensure proper and safe usage of the Transit-Pellets, it is important to thoroughly review the Transit-Pellets Instruction for Use (IFU) prior to initiating use. You can enter it directly via THIS LINK. Please be aware that the Transit-Pellets IFU is subject to change. The most current version is always available on this site.

Ensure Accurate Results: Follow Prescribed Instructions

It is important to follow the prescribed dosing instructions for the markers to ensure accurate results. One Transit-Pellets capsule should be taken each day from day one to day five. On day six, one capsule should be taken in the morning, labeled as ”6:1” and one capsule should be taken in the evening, labeled as ”6:2”.

To ensure the accuracy of the measurement, it is important to schedule the radiology examination at the appropriate time relative to the last marker dose on day six, labeled as ”6:2”. This means that the X-ray should be scheduled approximately 12 hours after the last marker dose was ingested in the evening on day six. The following table provides a helpful reference.

Day 1 (Swallow Capsule 1)Day 7 (Obtain X-ray)

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