Medifactia has launched the world’s premiere automated colonic transit test tool, under the name of Transit-Pellets™ GI Monitoring System.

This automated tool is available to health care practitioners operating at health centres around the world that have subscribe to the use of Transit-Pelletsmethod™ and it’s corresponding product Transit-Pellets™ radiopaque markers. The application is available via a simple web interface requiring no software installations of any kind.

A bowel transit time test measures how long it takes for food to travel through the digestive tract. The time it takes for food to travel through the colon is called the colonic transit time. Transit-Pellets™ GI Monitoring System provides quantitative information about colonic transit, both total and segmental transit time, enables the identification and characterization of transit abnormalities, and allows assessment of the severity of the problem as well as the response to therapy.

This time saving powerful tool means that the healthcare provider does not need to spend his or her time to apply the various formulas to calculate and interpret each patient’s colonic transit test result. The system does it for you! Healthcare providers are encouraged to use this automated monitoring system so that they can quickly determine what needs their attention.

Our Monitoring System provides relevant and actionable insights

Transit-Pellets™ GI Monitoring System provides the radiology department with an easy uploading of patients test result after x-rays. Transit-Pellets™ GI Monitoring System presents patients colonic transit test results in clear and structured reports.

After entry of the number of markers remaining in patient’s colon following instructions on a step by step, the system calculates the patient’s colonic transit time, which is then referenced automatically with Medifactia’s proprietary reference values which has been compiled over decades to deliver to the healthcare practitioner a standard result accompanied with standard comments.

With the graph and the corresponding data, healthcare providers can gain insights to help them determine if there is a need for further diagnostic testing or change of therapy, such as medication modifications. Moreover, this monitoring system is useful for repetitive measurement, e.g. to objectify treatment effects.

The report produced by the system means that patients and healthcare care providers are easily able to share, access and understand the colonic test result information displayed by Transit-Pellets™ GI Monitoring System.

Quick overview

  • The radiologist or any designated staff uploads the information from the patient’s x-ray in Transit-Pellets™ GI Monitoring System
  • The system computes, consolidates and compare the patient’s values with reference values
  • The system generates a detailed report and reliable statistics of the current view
  • Customize and create a PDF file for printing or saving in the medical report
  • The report and graph provides a good basis for continued treatment and contribute to a good and stimulating dialogue between physician and patient

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